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Fallout: New Vegas location麥卡倫營地Camp McCarran.jpgIcon military.png位置地圖標記麥卡倫營地Segments建築麥卡倫營地航廈麥卡倫營地中央大廳麥卡倫營地軍需處人勢力美軍 (戰前)新加州共和國External links領導者詹姆斯·徐上校商人丹尼爾·坎特雷拉斯中士威廉·法柏下士其他任務Classic InspirationI Could Make You CareI Don't Hurt AnymoreI Put a Spell on YouThe White WashThere Stands the GrassThree-Card BountyYou Can Depend on MeA Final Plan for EstebanBounty KillerDealing with ContrerasGland for Some Home CookingNot Worth a Hill of Corn and BeansPoor Meat Never Makes Good SoupRest and ResupplySilus TreatmentTechnicalcell nameCampMcCarranGate (gate)CampMcCarranTermMini (Buster)ref id000DAC34 (gate)001498E0 (Buster's loc.)terminal entriesCamp McCarran terminal entries圖片Camp McCarran.airport concept.art.jpgCamp McCarran map.png

?Gametitle-FNV.pngGametitle-AR.pngGametitle-FNV.pngGametitle-AR.png “ Camp McCarran is the headquarters for the NCR military in this region. It occupies the old airport next to New Vegas. ”

—Lt. Monroe

麥卡倫營地是NCR在莫哈維最重要的基地,被認為戰略價值僅次於胡佛大壩 。營地就在賭城區的南邊,一街之隔。西北方不遠就是NCR佃戶農場。

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這裡在戰前是麥卡倫國際機場。這個營地是NCR在莫哈維地區最大的營地,正因為如此,莫哈維和維加斯地區的最高指揮部同時作為NCR陸軍的後勤及資訊中心也設在這裡[1]。最近的麻煩是,營地不斷的受到惡魔幫的騷擾。這裡同時有幾個凱薩軍團間諜潛伏著,在任務Silus Treatment審問百夫長賽路斯得知。

選擇這裡的原因不僅僅是直通賭城的單軌小火車,很重要的一點是這裡易守難攻,具有好用的科技和大戰前建設的防禦工事。[2] 豪斯先生與NCR簽訂了新維加斯協定,同意NCR在這裡駐紮重兵。眾多的部隊把營地塞的滿滿當當,規模僅次胡佛大壩。Despite its high importance, Camp McCarran is beset by many issues undermining operations. Notable problems that Camp McCarran is suffering in 2281 include frequent attacks from the Fiends, broken-down cooking machinery in the mess hall, a lack of anything but mixed vegetables to feed the troops, spies in the base, and a captured centurion who refuses to talk to NCR commanders.

The base commander is Colonel James Hsu, who also commands all NCR Army forces in the Mojave. General Lee Oliver, the NCR Army's leader, used to command the base personally, but he has relocated to Hoover Dam in anticipation of the coming battle with Caesar's Legion and has thus left Hsu fully in command of the garrison.[3]



There are also several NCR supply trucks parked around the barracks tents and passenger airplanes near the control tower.最靠近營地入口的帳篷被第一偵查營霸佔了,其餘的帳篷住的都是普通士兵。好消息是,這裡有許多床可以隨便用。

There's usually an NCR trooper or Ranger standing outside the camp's entrance if you have enough positive reputation to use the NCR emergency radio. Speaking to the trooper or Ranger will cause him/her to say "Trooper, ready to fight!" or "Ranger at the Ready!" and become part of the party; if they die, a message is displayed on the screen, informing that they have died.

The outside of the base is usually patrolled by groups of three NCR troopers on all sides of the complex, who will usually be picked off by the Fiends. Typically, there are five of these groups. They respawn every three days. NCR troopers also use the control towers as sniper's nests, assisting or shooting at the player (depending on the player's progress in the game or reputation at the time).

It appears that the NCR has fallen back quite a bit, as there are sandbags as far as South Vegas ruins. NCR Patrols, however, go as far as the hill behind Vault 34, as can be seen from a group of three standing around a fire barrel. NCR troops that far into Fiend territory means the NCR is trying to either sandwich the Fiends in or provide a relief flank for the camp itself.

航廈主頁面: 麥卡倫營地航廈



值得注意的物品長管卡賓槍: 特殊版牛仔連發槍,斯特林下士所有。Three-Card Bounty任務完成會前往一線生機營地,可以謀財害命。但是會損失2個任務:「不再痛苦」和「書獃子老食屍鬼」。想要不損失聲望拿到槍的話,可以這樣干,先偷光他的彈藥,傳送到別處再回來,就可以偷到槍了。罐頭起子:是一個獨一無二的拳刃,為小巴斯特所有。Three-Card Bounty任務完成後會前往自由區,如果潛行技能夠好,或者乾脆吃個隱身小子都能輕鬆偷到。共匪殺手: 特殊版戰鬥步槍, 需要完成任務「和坎特雷拉斯中士打交道」。室內物品詳閱:麥卡倫營地軍需處、麥卡倫營地航廈、麥卡倫營地中央大廳Related questsClassic InspirationFor Auld Lang SyneI Could Make You CareI Don't Hurt AnymoreI Put a Spell on YouThe White WashThere Stands the GrassThree-Card BountyYou Can Depend on MeA Final Plan for EstebanBounty KillerDealing with ContrerasGland for Some Home CookingNot Worth a Hill of Corn and BeansPoor Meat Never Makes Good SoupRest and ResupplySilus Treatment註釋The airport's runway is located south of the terminal, just behind the wall. This indicates that before the Great War that the airport was converted into some form of military base.At the top of the broken down escalators on the East side of the terminal building, to the Courier's left is a corridor containing two NCR troopers guarding a door that leads to the Monorail. They will become hostile and attack if the player has less than "liked", and attempts to enter. Wearing NCR faction armor, or bringing Craig Boone allows the player to enter without any trouble.The Courier can access the Strip by taking the monorail, soldiers won't be guarding it around 9:00 AM/PM, or access the Strip wearing NCR faction armor and going by them. The Courier can also go on the monorail if he/she has a high enough reputation with the NCR.The garbage can by the baggage check-in station on the first floor within the terminal building cannot be searched.Two items that can only be found in Camp McCarran called flint, are on a table in the medical tent and the storage tent, near a welding gun.The use of the McCarran International Airport by the New California Republic Army's Mojave branch as its main field headquarters is very similar to the Brotherhood of Steel's Eastern Chapter's capture of Boston Airport and its subsequent role as the faction's main base in the Commonwealth.登場


幕後1942年麥卡倫機場建成時,當時名叫阿拉莫機場。1948年機場改名為麥卡倫,紀念來自內華達的參議員帕特·麥卡倫 ,民用航空法的撰寫者。航廈外的飛機有著折翼設計,這是不尋常的因為通常只有海軍的航母艦載機為了節省甲板上的空間才會搭載折翼設計。遊戲中麥卡倫機場的現況被拿來與薩達姆國際機場比較。在2003年伊拉克戰爭中,美軍佔領了機場作為軍事行動基地,並改名為「巴格達國際機場」。BugsPC Playstation 3 Xbox 360 For some reason, sometimes your companion may not follow you to the main area of the Camp, even if you didn't tell them to wait. To fix, just enter the terminal building, fast travel, or exit the camp.[已核實]Xbox 360 Game corrupts save while saving at Camp McCarran, during the quest to kill Motor-Runner. Saving in front of it can corrupt saves and the same rule applies to any other save file made after the ones in the Camp.[已核實]PC Playstation 3 NCR Troopers sometimes perform as though they are typing on a typewriter/computer (including typing sound effects) while seated in the dining tent, even though there is no keyboard present, since the tables have been given the wrong "idle marker".[已核實]Xbox 360 If you acquire Corporal White's journal in Corporal White's locker in the Camp McCarran Concourse before receiving the optional task "search Corporal White's personal locker" in The White Wash, the quest cannot be completed. This might lead to a save game issue where the loading screen dialogue tells you that the memory device is no longer present due to inaccessible DLC objects. The game will then restart upon loading dialogue confirmation. This repeats with the next loading attempt, rendering the save game useless.[已核實]Xbox 360 Sometimes when you enter the main terminal building all NCR troopers will become hostile if you are detected.[已核實]PC Playstation 3 After playing the game for a long time (at least an hour consecutively), Camp McCarran may cause extreme framerate drop. This happens in both the outside area and within the concourse. Quitting the game and restarting should fix the problem.[已核實]Playstation 3 Xbox 360 On occasion, when moving to the second floor of the terminal building, NCR troopers can become hostile. This also sometimes happens when exiting Camp McCarran. A quick fast-travel to another location and back can fix this.[已核實]圖集Camp McCarran mapMap of Camp McCarranSniper rifle mccarranA sniper rifle lies on the center bunk in 1st Recon's tent.Camp McCarran ConcourseThe concourseCamp McCarran signThe now derelict pre-War signCamp McCarran supply shackThe supply shackSupply shack interiorInterior of the supply shack在此圖庫中添加照片References↑ Colonel Hsu's dialogue: "From here we handle most of the logistics for our operations in Nevada. Troop allocation, supply distribution, intel."↑ Colonel Hsu's dialogue: "It's our main base. We took it because it lets us keep an eye on the Strip. And it had already been fortified before the Great War."↑ Colonel Hsu's dialogue: "Usually General Oliver runs the show here, but he's on his way to the Dam now, so I've taken on a lot of his duties here."

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