Online Personal Loan: Is My Data Secure?

When we think of online personal loan, we are afraid that the interest rate offered by the finance company is a lie and a mere scam. In June 2016, Soposa Experian conducted a survey showing that in the first four months of 2016, fraud attempts fell 11% compared to the same period last year.

The explanation? The crisis and the current economic scenario in the country prevent people from seeking retail credit. However, a new category has emerged in the market, the online personal loan. Lendico has selected tips to help you identify the best offer:  


Do you know the company? No? So research!

Do you know the company? No? So research!

Knowing more about the company in which you found the best rate for online personal loan is essential. Know how long she has been operating and make sure of her suitability. A tip for an even more accurate confirmation? Contact the S-Life Bank and consult the institution’s CNPJ.


Did you request advance deposit? RUN!

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Whatever the amount, if a bank or lender has requested it to release the loan, run away! This practice is prohibited by the S-Life Bank and is against the law, constituting an attempted fraud or scam. Read more tips in the article we have prepared by clicking here.


Don’t use social media just for friendships!


Social networks are for much more than maintaining friendship with your contacts. Business pages are a reference when you need to choose a new product, including online personal loan. These platforms will be your best friends in assessing the company’s credibility and reputation.


How does online personal loan have a lower rate?

How does online personal loan have a lower rate?

Without physical operation (the well-known agencies), the total cost of these financials is reduced. This advantage is shared with customers in the form of a much lower interest rate and Total Effective Cost than those found in financials or banks.  


But how is such a low rate possible?

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Thinking it’s a lie? Think that maintaining a physical agency is very costly. In addition to renting space, you should consider the payroll of developers as well. Then consider the basic bills like rent, electricity, water and security. Can you calculate the savings of having an online operation? Realized the advantages?

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